Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to immunise my child?

It is a requirement of Centrelink that children are immunised (or a conscientious objector) to receive child care assistance. Children who are not immunised may attend, but may not be able to attend during an outbreak of an infectious disease in the Centre.

What does my child need to bring

  • A manageable backpack
  • Lunch Box / Drink Bottle
  • A hat
  • A change of clothes (as well as warmer / colder clothes)
  • Bottles if your baby is still drinking from bottles
  • Security Toy (if needed)
  • All items must be labelled

Can children use their own technology?

Please see our policey and peocedures here

Can I book my child in after the closing date?

Yes, but we cannot ensure that there will be positions available for your child. In this case, they will be placed on a waiting list and we will see what we can do.

How will my child sleep if they are with other children?

We seldom have problems for long. If necessary a carer will stay in the room to comfort a child, often by stroking or patting, until the child settles to sleep. All sleep rooms have intercoms, so we immediately know if a child is crying, and when they wake up. It generally takes only a short time for a child to feel secure.

how do you manage meal times

Mealtimes are an important part of the child’s day, and they soon learn the routine. First it’s handwash, they love the little sink! Younger children sit in lowchairs and older ones at the table. All children are given a drink – mealtimes are happy, relaxed occasions. We encourage independence but assistance is always close by.

Do you think me leaving my child with you will upset their routine

Our program complements your child’s home routine, particularly in regard to toileting, sleep, and
eating patterns. The children are actively involved in our routines and their independence is
encouraged with praise given for effort. Program planning is based on the individual child, and you can
provide staff with relevant information about your child if you feel you need to.

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